EOL Consoles Demo Request

CloudSphere’s EOL Consoles provide new visibility into a number of major risks.

CloudSphere's independent survey of over 500 enterprise professionals revealed that while IT stakeholders have some visibility into their assets, they have a limited grasp of where EOL (End-of-Life) may be a factor and the possible adverse impacts these scenarios could have on their IT estates.

The takeaway for organizations is that a better understanding of where and how EOL is affecting the IT estate can safeguard against a number of major risks. What’s more, robust asset discovery and dependency mapping processes can not only protect against these risks, but inform better decisions overall – such as weeding out costly redundant systems, or dropping software that may be nearing End-of-Life to avoid unnecessary licensing costs and support gaps.

CloudSphere’s recent launch of EOL Consoles provides new visibility into these risks. Request a demo to learn more about how this can work in your environment.